Hatch Investor Series: Meet Matt and Mathilde, the best ever father-daughter investor duo

For our first Hatch Investor Series, we spoke to Matt, a 36-year-old Global Senior Project Manager, and his 6-year-old daughter Mathilde about investing, how they pick shares, and how he’s planning for his daughter’s future.



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Tell us a bit about your family!

We are a mixed Chinese/Kiwi family and have two children aged 4 & 6, We are both working full time in Auckland after recently returning to New Zealand after ten years of living in Hong Kong.

Why start investing with your kids now?

The kids have a piggy bank, and they get $2 a week, and I figured, well that’s not going to get them far very fast! So, I wanted to up the ante a little bit on the savings for them, thinking that if we build an investment portfolio at a young age, hopefully, it’ll grow into a decent amount and they’ll be able to do something with the returns it generates in the future.

How does your family use Hatch?

Initially an easy-to-use product was really hard to find, but then I came across a couple of new entrants including Hatch, and it was just so easy to sign up online. We sit down together weekly and go through our investments. I really wanted to get into the shares that are iconic for Mathilde’s generation, like FANG shares. Who knows what Google will be worth in 20 years!

We don’t talk about money and shares around the table, but Hatch is an educational tool for us. Sitting down every week allows us to have timely chats about money. We wanted to start drip feeding at a young age, and it makes sense to invest small, frequent amounts into more expensive shares with Hatch (fractional investing). We have one portfolio in Hatch, shared between our two kids. As the kids grow up, they’ll get to choose where they put their money and have increasing control over their investments.

How do you pick your shares?

Our first purchases were Amazon and Microsoft because we wanted to be sensible with strong tech stocks. Mathilde knows and loves Coca-Cola and Netflix, so when it was her turn to buy, that’s what she chose. I curate the watchlist with successful, well-known companies, so she has a few companies to choose from. I’m trying to get her to diversify her portfolio with other shares, but her brand awareness and preference are phenomenal. Being able to talk about a particular company rather than a fund makes it tangible to my kids because we can drive down the road and I can point out, say, McDonald's.

How do you feel about investing in the sharemarket?

My father was a builder and lost his job when the crash hit in the 80s. The building industry never really recovered after that, and I grew up with this psyche that the share markets are volatile and can’t be trusted. Then as a teenager I put $1000 of my savings into a hot tip that then went belly-up! That was my first experience with investing so I thought shares were a total con.

But now I feel that I wasted so much opportunity, especially in the 2000s, I could’ve done really well!

I don’t want my kids to grow up with the same sentiments around investing, so why not just get started? I was lucky enough to get on the property ladder and get the house paid off in a reasonable timeframe. I don’t think my daughter will have the same opportunity, which is why we invest in shares. I want Mathilde to understand that her money’s not going to do much in the piggy bank!

What’s the best investing tip you’ve ever received?

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now“ - Chinese Proverb

And if you were to share a tip?

Just get started with whatever you can and keep adding to it as often as you can, and hang in there when the going gets tough.

What is Hatch?

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