Hatch Investor Profile: Geoff Fairburn lives in Auckland and grows hot chilis, and his wealth using Hatch

A bit about me

I'm originally from the Wairarapa, and I currently live in Auckland working as a marketer. I love growing organic super-hot chilis to make sauces that my Indian friends can't even handle. I also enjoy mountain biking, tramping in remote parts of NZ, and watching films - Stanley Kubrick is my favourite director of all time.  

Over the next year, I will be getting used to being a homeowner in Auckland, having just purchased a place in the west. Wish me luck. I'm now listening to AC/DC in prep for becoming a westie! 

Why I'm keen on Hatch

I started using Hatch because the NZ share market is tiny, and it lacks opportunities in sectors like technology. I wanted to invest globally in a way that's simple, cost-effective, flexible and allows to express my contrarian views. Hatch ticked the right boxes for me in so many ways.  I’ve become a massive supporter of Hatch and how they are trying to reinvent or re-imagine the experience of investing, which has been fundamentally broken.  

My investing philosophy

I'm very much a contrarian investor. I've refused, for example, to stack my portfolio on cannabis, crypto nonsense or high-growth tech stocks, preferring a smart beta ETF in my core. I've also shunned the ethical investing trend of demonising specific sectors by going into aerospace and defence. I believe in separating facts from feelings when investing.

My philosophy is supported by a core and explore approach, otherwise known as a Core-Satellite strategy. My key holdings are iShares Edge MSCI Min Vol Global ETF (ACWV), Digital Realty Trust (DLR),  Vanguard Total Corporate Bond ETF (VTC), IShares Global Infrastructure ETF (IGF), Brookfield Infrastructure Partners (BIP),  ARKK Innovation ETF (ARKK),  and the IShares Global technology ETF (IXN) and IShares US Aerospace and Defense ETF (ITA) . 

ACWV is my biggest winner right now providing me with consistent  performance in an uncertain market. ARKK has had a touch-and-go quarter, but I've stuck with them. 

My best investment tip

The single most important investment decision you'll ever make is your asset allocation. Fact: 80-90% of the return of a portfolio is due to asset allocation NOT stock selection. Put it this way; it's not whether you hold Tesla, Uber, Amazon or Apple that matters. It's how you spread your dough across shares, property, bonds and cash that's fundamental to growing your wealth.

What is Hatch?

With Hatch, you can buy and sell shares in over 2,900 companies & 500 exchange-traded funds, all listed on the US share markets. Invest dollar amounts to buy as much or as little of a company or ETF as you like, even if it’s a fraction of a share. See how it works

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