Hatch Weekly: The latest, greatest dating app is your fridge

Bezos v Pecker: A modern-day David and Goliath

Oh, the puns and the innuendo. We’re not allowed to go into any of that here, but you’ve probably heard about the battle between Bezos and The National Enquirer owner, David Pecker. It’s the stuff soap operas are made of the billionaire, the president, the tabloid, the other woman, and, well, the blackmail.

What billionaires do in their private time is their business.
Yes, even if you’re the wealthiest man in the world, and the creator of Amazon (AMZN), you have the right to send whatever pictures you want without The National Enquirer threatening to publish them. Bezos has accused Pecker of extortion in a Medium blog post (and in doing so made Medium cool again).

We don’t expect much from a tabloid, but blackmail is below the belt.
We suppose this tactic has worked in the past, but Bezos went public with the ordeal instead of backing down. The Enquirer published an article about Bezos’ extramarital affair that included the kinds of messaging you might expect between two people who fancy each other. Bezos reacted by hiring a team of lawyers which enraged Pecker who retaliated with a threat to publish a series of images. He thought that Amazon shareholders needed to know about Bezos’ private life as his judgement was “terrible”. What? Here at Hatch, we aren’t convinced that Bezos' private life is of any concern to investors. Agree?

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It’s what’s on the inside of your fridge that counts

Let’s get started with the bad news: you can’t invest in Samsung through Hatch. Yet. That said, it’s a company worth following. Samsung is a tech leader in terms of the number of phones sold. Now, they’re getting into..er...dating.

Refridgerdating. Yes, you read correctly. Refridgerdating.
Samsung has just launched its Refrigerdating service that helps people find love based on the content of their fridges. By uploading an image of what’s in your fridge, you can get “matched” with others who find you, or at least the contents of your fridge, delicious. Ready to put your handmade kimchi and pesto on display? Now’s your time to shine.

We created a profile. It works!
Here’s how you do it: upload an image of the inside of your fridge and write a short profile about yourself (and how you stole the picture from the internet with the disclaimer that no one needs to see how sad your fridge is). Refrigerdating shows you a bunch of refrigerators all around the world, from Stockholm to Warsaw, and you can judge them mercilessly as you please. The app works like regular dating apps. Into a guy with a fridge full of Dom Perignon? Swipe right. Not into the girl with 20 boxes of takeaway? To the left, to the left.

This is for reals.
So, no, it’s not a marketing gimmick. Samsung apparently worked with a relationship expert to create the app. They really want you to find love, and maybe a Samsung fridge – particularly the $4k Family Hub Refrigerator. Note: You don’t need a Samsung fridge to play. You and your Smeg are welcome here. And if you’re keen to invest in other, perhaps more viable, dating apps, check out Match (MTCH) who own 45 brands, including Match, Tinder, PlentyOfFish, Meetic, OkCupid, Pairs, Twoo, OurTime, BlackPeopleMeet and LoveScout24. Just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Hemp: not just for hippies anymore

Canadian cannabis company Canopy Growth (CGC) is expanding its investment in American cannabis.

Million dollar bills.
They previously announced an investment of $100–150 million to process and produce hemp in New York but plan to increase the total investment in U.S. hemp to up to $500 million by adding hemp production in a few other American states. The move to invest in a hemp processing facility in New York is the company’s first significant push into cannabis extraction and processing outside of Canada.

Oh Canada!
Canadian medical marijuana is setting the stage to go global. So, what is hemp exactly? Hemp is the cannabis sister species to marijuana. It’s known for its higher concentration of CBD, cannabidiol, the non-psychoactive compound alleviates a range of issues including anxiety and insomnia, but doesn’t get you high. CBD sales have steadily risen with use in lotions, creams, health foods, and even beverages. Some say the hemp-derived CBD market will grow to become a $22 billion market by 2022, which is why Canopy Growth is so keen on it.

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