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Since 2018, we’ve been helping Kiwis like you grow investing confidence and put your money to work. Together, you’ve invested more than NZD$1.6 billion through our secure, globally connected digital investing platform.

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We’re proud to be backed by the world’s largest end-to-end wealth management platform, FNZ, which supports 24 million users worldwide, and New Zealand investment and advisory group, Jarden.

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I have no hesitation whatsoever in giving Hatch 5 STARS ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐. They impress me time and time again. Friendly, outstanding at their job, and they sincerely deserve it.

Nikau • Investor with Hatch

Hatch has never let me down! I've sent many emails with questions. Their replies are human, personal, knowledgeable. They always answer my queries, and I can't ask for more than that.

Ben • Investor with Hatch

I am new to investing and am absolutely loving the dialogue and support. Shout out to Hatch Investors Club - confidence building, inclusiveness and encouragement all round.

Madeleine • Investor with Hatch

Thanks Hatch. So good for me to reframe my relationship to money and how it has affected my sense of financial worth over the years.

Fatima • Investor with Hatch

I’ve bought my first ETF! Loved doing the Getting Started Course and have kept every email I received so I could go back to them. I’ve always wanted to do the stock markets and always thought you needed a tonne of money. You guys came along and boom.

Marty • Investor with Hatch

Carry on the great work at spreading the knowledge, promoting and supporting female investors along with levelling the playing field for all.

Aroha • Investor with Hatch

I realised that once I become a nurse I’ll probably never be ‘rich’ or be able to afford a comfortable lifestyle. I began learning about investing when I was 22 and finally committed to starting when I was 23.

Amy • Investor with Hatch

I want fine things when I am over 50 - to finance all my trips and live well without stress. I’m investing for my children, for them to be able to buy their first homes in their early 20s. I only started last year and it has given me peace of mind. I am just happy, sleep well though some of my stocks are in the negative, but I’m holding long term, so no problem.

Guo • Investor with Hatch

Investing has helped me fund a couple of plane tickets overseas, buy nicer things and think longer term. I also look for dividends to increase my income.

Jun • Investor with Hatch

Only just started investing this quarter! I got started because while I have a house and a second one on the cards, I'm a single income and I wanted to start diversifying. I'm in my 20s and would be great to retire by 50. Hatch had all the support I needed to get going!

Priya • Investor with Hatch

Our people matter to us

We prioritise balance and growth for our people inside and outside of work.
So they’re at their best helping to empower you to reach your financial goals.

Phone with money going into screen to show FX exchange
Phone with money going into screen to show FX exchange

FNZ was ranked second in New Zealand for graduate employers in the banking and finance sector in Prosple’s Top 100 Graduate Employers awards 2024, and 12th overall for graduate employer across all NZ companies and industries.

Phone with money going into screen to show FX exchange
Phone with money going into screen to show FX exchange

Proud to be a Pride Pledge Gold Supporter.

Phone with money going into screen to show FX exchange
Phone with money going into screen to show FX exchange

We join with FNZ as a Superhero Sponsor of One Percent Collective.

Phone with money going into screen to show FX exchange
Phone with money going into screen to show FX exchange

We’re members of the New Zealand Parental Leave Register supporting our mums and dads.

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