Hatch Kids Investment Accounts

Help set a child up for life with a low-fee investment account for kids: 50c USD to buy or sell shares.

Whether your goal is to grow a house deposit, a nest egg, or give them financial freedom - investing for your family could help you give them the financial head start we wish we all had.

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Kids Account Pricing

To exchange money

That’s roughly half what you usually pay, with no minimum fees or add-ons for withdrawals.

How we calculate our exchange fees
50c USD
To buy or sell shares for Kids Accounts

0-50 shares: 50c USD flat fee.

51+ shares: 1c USD a share.

(e.g. 51 shares is 51c USD)

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The magic that could make a million

It might sound like magic, but it’s actually just maths. If you invest just over $2,000 the year your child is born, and nothing more, that money could grow to $1 million by the time they reach 65.

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Building healthy financial habits

Starting early is the best way to make good money habits feel as natural as tying shoelaces. If this is something you want to improve on too, it’s a great opportunity to learn together.

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Investing for your child's future

Whether they’re curious about space or passionate about the environment, teach kids that they can invest in the companies and industries that will shape the world they live in, and the life they want to lead.

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The gift of time

With time on their side your kids have a great opportunity to grow long-term investments using the share markets. Investing for children can help them grow a house deposit or education fund that could set them up for life. Get started today!

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Kids Accounts Questions

What do I need to open up a Kids Account?

You need your own Hatch account, a child, and their birth certificate. Setting up a Kids Account is a straightforward process! You can ‘add a Kids Account’ from your own Hatch account. You’ll need to fill out a few details about your child and upload their birth certificate (it’ll take about 1 minute). Once we’ve verified their details, you’ll be able to deposit into your child’s account and start investing in the brands they love.

Read our Kids Investment Accounts terms and conditions

Can I transfer existing money and shares from my account to a Kids Account?

Yes, you can transfer shares from your Hatch account to the accounts you manage for your children - get in touch and our friendly team will help you out.

Note: when your child is over 18 they’re regarded as an adult. We’d love to, but we can’t transfer shares from one adult to another.

How does tax work on Kids Accounts?

Tax on Kids Accounts works just like tax does on your own account - but at your child’s tax rate. Here's everything you need to know about tax.

How many Kids Accounts can I create?

You can create one Kids Account for each child you’re the parent or legal guardian of.

Not a parent? Grandparents, aunties, uncles and whoever else wants to help to give your child a leg up, can deposit money into the accounts you’ve set up for your children and play an active role in their financial future. You just need to share each child’s unique reference code and Hatch’s NZ bank account details - it’s all on the deposit page in their Kids Account.

Our super low fees on Kids Accounts (aka 50c USD to buy and sell shares!) makes it really affordable to invest small amounts - a much better gift than yet another plastic piece of junk.

When you create a Kids Account, you’ll be able to sign in and easily switch between yours and theirs. Because your child is under 18, they won’t be able to sign in, but you can decide how much or how little they can be involved.

Who manages the Kids Account?

As the parent or legal guardian, you'll be investing for kids on their behalf and managing their accounts. Your 5 year old won’t be able to buy and sell shares without you!

How do I withdraw money from a Kids Account?

There are two situations where you may want to withdraw money from a Kids Account:

  1. If you want to take money out of Hatch before your child turns 18 (but why would you? This is their future!), you can withdraw it in the same way you do from your own Hatch account. Withdrawals made from Kids Accounts must be sent to their own bank account, and you'll need to upload a bank statement to verify it first. Verifying bank accounts is just one of the ways Hatch keeps Kiwis’ money safe. It’s our part to play in ensuring money always goes back to the right person.
  1. When your child is between 18 and 25 and you decide to transfer their shares to them. In this case, they’ll simply set up their own Hatch account and get in touch with us to transfer the shares from their Kids Account into their new Hatch account. Both of you will need to agree to the transfer until they turn 25, or whatever the agreed upon age is, then it’s over to them.

Your child’s investing account is theirs, and all money deposited into the account is a gift to them - an investment in their future. One of the biggest joys of Kids Accounts is they maximise the time they have to let their money work for them - and we know how good time is for compounding growth. It may make future withdrawals more rewarding!

Who can deposit money into a Kids Account?

Anyone can deposit money into a Kids Account!

The first deposit into the Kids Account will need to come from your bank account or theirs. This is an important security check to make sure the account really is theirs, and it’s part of our responsibility to keep our customers and their money safe.

But after that? It’s a free-for-all! Think birthdays, Christmas, christenings, Matariki, bar mitzvahs, Chinese New Year… A lot of people might love your children but don’t love buying junk. When someone else deposits money into a Kids Account, they’ll just need to include your child’s unique reference code when they make a payment through internet banking. You can find each child’s unique reference code on their deposit page in Hatch.

You can set up one-off and regular deposits through internet banking, just like you do when you pay your bills.

Our super low fees on Kids Accounts (aka 50c USD to buy and sell shares!) makes investing small amounts affordable. Children have the gift of time, so small amounts really can stack up.

Do Kids Accounts have a referral program?

Yes! Each Kids Account will have their own unique referral link to share with friends and family.

Every time an adult signs up using their code, and makes an initial deposit of $100 NZD or more into their own Hatch account, your child (and the adult who signed up) will get a $10 NZD top-up on Hatch. A nice boost to your child’s investments and family and friends can share the benefits of putting their money to work too. Win-win!

Referral programmes can be particularly helpful for children. Children have the benefit of many years ahead of them and small amounts really can add up.

Read our full referral programme terms and conditions.

What will happen to the Kids Account when my child turns 18?

When your child turns 18, they can sign up and buy shares on their own through Hatch. Since the shares you bought for them through their Kids Account are theirs, they can transfer them to their own account. They’ll just need to reach out to our team so that we can get it sorted.

What are the fees for opening and using a Kids Account?

Hatch Kids Accounts have the same fair and transparent pricing as you’re used to, with one happy exception. We’ve lowered our usual $3 USD minimum brokerage fee to an absurdly small 50c USD on Kids Accounts. Yes, that’s right. Even if you place a $100,000 order, as long as you’re buying or selling 50 or fewer shares, you’ll only pay a 50c USD fee when investing for children (for orders over 50 shares, the usual 1c USD a share fee kicks in, so 300 shares will still cost you $3 USD).

The complete list of fees for Kids Accounts

Hatch doesn’t charge any monthly subscriptions (which can really add up over the years!), and your kid’s money is put to work the moment it lands in Hatch. All uninvested money is stored in a low-risk Money Market Fund that usually pays a monthly dividend. Don’t worry, you won’t even know it exists other than a potential wee bonus each month.

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Read more on how to make fees work for your Kids Account.