Transfer your US shares to Hatch

You can transfer your entire portfolio (including any USD), or just part of it. As long as we offer the shares through Hatch, you can move them over to us.

Fees and timeframes will vary depending on the broker you’re transferring from. When you transfer to Hatch, your shares will be held in your DriveWealth account. Please get in touch with our friendly team to get your transfer started.

Why transfer to Hatch?

Simple & transparent pricing

Pay just a $3 USD flat fee when you buy or sell most shares. The more you invest, the lower the fee percentage. We believe your profit is yours so Hatch doesn't take a cut when you sell.

Own your shares with Hatch

Owning your shares means you get more control. You'll have opportunities to vote on company decisions and ask questions to the leaders. You can also transfer your shares anytime. They're yours, not ours!

Stress free tax time

With Hatch, US and NZ tax time is simplified. Get access to your tax summary anytime, free comprehensive year-end tax reporting and premium FIF calculation service.


Does transferring shares to or from Hatch impact my investment cost?

Share transfers may cause your investment cost estimation to be incorrect in Hatch. View our full help centre article on this.

How do I deposit money?

As soon as you get verified (it takes just 3 minutes!), you can use online banking to deposit NZD into our NZ bank account. You’ll have a unique code that you can add into the ‘Reference’ field when you make your payment to make sure your money goes straight into your Hatch account. When you sign into Hatch you’ll be able to see all of your deposits.

We automatically exchange your NZD to USD. A 0.5% fee is included in the estimated exchange rate you see in Hatch. If you deposit before 2pm on any business day, your money should be in your Hatch account early the following morning, when the US markets open.

See full Hatch pricing.

Already have USD?

Yes we accept USD deposits! Get in touch and our team will give you the details.

Ready to Hatch your tomorrow?

Join the Kiwis who are hatching their tomorrow and have invested more than $1 billion with Hatch.

Visual representation of some shares available to invest in through Hatch