Hatch – the rules of referrals

Last updated: 8 May 2020

The Hatch Referral Programme offers you (and your friends) a little thank you when you share the love of investing.

To participate in the Hatch Referral Programme, and earn account top-ups by referring friends, you must have verified your identity with Hatch and made an initial deposit into your Hatch account.  

You can share your unique link anywhere you like, with whoever you like - your blog, Facebook page, by email or text - anywhere (apart from literally paying for advertising to sign people up with your code. It just looks a bit scammy).  

Subject to these terms, anyone who signs up using the link, and makes an initial deposit of $100 NZD or more within 30 days of signing up, will earn you and themselves a Hatch account top-up. Read more about our first deposit top-up terms.

The referral top-up applies to referred friends who sign up to Hatch up for the first time only (so if they are or have been a Hatch customer, no-one gets a top-up, sorry).

A referred friend can only use one referral link to sign up to Hatch. If a referred friend receives multiple unique referral links, they’ll only receive one Hatch top-up and only the Hatch customer whose unique link was actually used by the referred friend will receive a Hatch top-up. The referral link can’t be used in conjunction with any other offer either. The last link you clicked on before signing up to Hatch will be the offer you receive.

We’ll set the amount of the Hatch top-up and can change it at any time.  We can set a different top-up amount for the referrer and the person signing up.

The agreed top-up amount is always in NZD, which is then exchanged to USD when it is paid into your Hatch account. Hatch is not responsible for exchange rate fluctuations that make the NZD amount differ over time.

All unique links expire 30 days after they are sent to a friend. Your friend needs to make an initial deposit of $100 NZD or more within 14 days of signing up to get a top-up.

We can stop the Hatch Referral Programme at any time.  If we do, any sign ups using your unique link after that time won’t be eligible for Hatch account top-ups.