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Our top 7 investing resources for beginners

So many investing resources out there you don't know how to choose? We've compiled a list of our favourite free investing resources for beginners to help pump up your financial knowledge in a way that best suits you.
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March 24, 2023

Have you ever looked for ‘investing resources for beginners’ and been presented with a long list of books that make your eyes water? We’re not ones to judge a book by its cover, but the block-printed titles and jazzy gradients promising wealth and riches are so last century. When you can’t see yourself represented in the world of finance and investing, it can be harder to engage, and you could be left thinking that finance just isn't for you.

Thankfully, there are excellent people out there creating communities, making accessible finance and investing resources for beginners, and adding oh-so-needed colour and charisma to the endless whitespace. Whether you’re a reader, a podhead or a doom scroller, there’s something out there to help you learn about finance and investing.

We’ve gathered seven free investing resources to add to your kete (your handbag, your jeans pocket, whatever spins your tyres) so you can pump up your financial knowledge one sound-bite and one Instagram caption at a time.

Māori Millionaire 🎓

As a uni student, was your main financial focus having the extra coin to splurge on Watties spaghetti to make the flat pizza really ‘pop’? At just 19 years young, law student Te Kahukura Boynton has taken finance chat to the next level; documenting and sharing her journey of financial and personal growth. 

What is it? Māori Millionaire is a space where people can come together to learn and grow. The community is on TikTok and Instagram as well as creating regular blog content and podcasts, there’s something for everyone!

Good if you’re: Looking to improve the well-being and prosperity of your community as well as yourself. Māori Millionaire is a great space to share knowledge that can change your future, but also a place to reflect and learn about how past events have impacted generational wealth. 

Cooking the Books 🍳

A reformed financial 'Hot Mess', sent from Planet Past Mistakes to help you get your money sh*t sorted. Cooking the Books podcast is engaging and informative; and you don’t need to be a finance expert to understand the chat. 

What is it? A podcast from Kiwi author and journalist Frances Cook. With a fresh episode dropped every few days, there’s always something new to learn. Frances makes us feel seen, covering relatable topics like ‘Why do sales make us feel irrational’ and ‘How to baby-proof your finances’.

Good if you’re: Looking for someone who’s made and learned from money mistakes, so that you don’t have to! Frances’ stellar interviewing skills mean that she really connects with the guests on the pod, and gets absolute gold nuggets for listeners to learn from.

Kiwi Mustachians 🧔

Wish it was Movember all year round? Kiwi Mustachians aren't about growing facial hair, they’re all about growing your wealth and reducing your expenses. 

What is it? An Aotearoa based Facebook group that aims to follow the ideas of Mr Money Mustache, a bloke in the US who through frugal living and regular investing retired (in Mustache world they say FIRE’d) at the ripe old age of 30. This group shares tips on how to minimise expenses on everything from power bills to groceries, so you can maximise your savings and investments.

Good if you’re: Curious about frugal living and want to see people walking the talk. Great if you want to have active discussions with other Kiwis on a journey to gaining financial independence and retiring early (FIRE). 

Sorted.org 💻

Like L&P, Sorted has been world famous in NZ since ages ago. Their Stuart Little-like mascot scurried onto our screens back in 2001 chatting about all things money - from getting out of debt to creating a budget and saving for retirement.

What is it? It’s a New Zealand government funded website with financial calculators and helpful guides on everything from getting out of debt to choosing the right Kiwisaver. It is run by Te Ara Ahunga Ora Retirement Commission and aims to enable Kiwis to get ahead financially.

Good if you’re: Starting out on your financial journey and want a visual picture of where you’re at - Sorted’s online calculators are perfect for this. You can create an account, save what you’ve done and come back later to check in on your progress.

Girls That Invest 🌎

Who run the world’s #1 investing podcast for women? Sim and Sonya! Over 200k Instagram followers and 3 million podcast downloads can’t be wrong. From small beginnings in Auckland to features in Vogue and Forbes, the banter between these two lifelong besties will have you hooked.

What is it? Sim and Sonya are two millennial investors on a mission to make the world of investing less intimidating for women. Beginning with the Girls That Invest podcast, before taking over the world of social media (and writing a book!), these Kiwi entrepreneurs are showing up for women and marginalised groups. 

Good if you’re: Looking to trick yourself into learning about finance. Follow Girls That Invest on Instagram and TikTok and make learning (and laughing) about investing part of your daily scroll.

The Happy Saver 😃

Happiness is a hot coffee and warm socks, a cold beer in the shower after a hard day, or quitting your 9-5 and only working because you want to, not because you have to. Can you really save your way to happiness?

What is it? Ruth from The Happy Saver runs a blog, podcast and newsletter (the full package!) on finding financial freedom in New Zealand. Ruth and her podcast guests share stories on how they manage their finances to live intentionally and invest consistently.

Good if you’re: Tired of the 9 - 5 and want to learn about how to gain some financial freedom so you can hang up the work boots. Working less, living more and still having the bills paid sounds like a dream, and Ruth chats with the people who are living it.

MoneyHub 🔍

Like the third drawer down in your kitchen, MoneyHub is packed full of an assortment of handy things that one day you’re definitely gonna need. Everything from Kiwisaver comparisons to tips on buying a new car or getting a student loan, it’s in there! (cosied up next to the gladwrap).

What is it? MoneyHub is a website that gives people info and comparisons on products so that they can make informed decisions - and save money! Their comprehensive website helps you to compare services and figure out which one is right for you. 

Good if you’re: Looking for an impartial and unbiased view on finance products; MoneyHub believes knowledge is power. If you want to cut through the advertising fluff and get straight down to the numbers - this is the site for you. 

Investing is for everyone. These people and communities are changing the face of finance with free and accessible material for you to kick-start your learning. It might seem like a small action to take, but just following finance and investing pages on your social media, listening to podcasts while you’re walking, and reading the odd newsletter; it all adds up to build your knowledge and keep financial wellness top of mind. 

When you're starting your investing journey it can feel overwhelming with so much to learn. Making learning a part of your weekly routine will give you bite-sized tips so you won’t end up with too much on your plate.

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