Hatch Investor Profile Series: Josh Bodyfelt is a 16yr old trapped in the body of a 41yr old investor/physicist.

Josh, who has a college nickname he’s not sharing, is a Hatch investor based in Auckland. Originally from the Red Desert, he’s embraced Aotearoa’s beaches and investment platforms.

A bit about me

I came to New Zealand with the dream of becoming a physics professor at Massey University. But once I got here, I realised that my skills in coding, mathematics, and team management would lead me to greater rewards within the private sector. I’ve been in my current role with Centrality (a crypto-asset venture studio) for nearly two years now -  each day greets me with fun challenges. 

There are several people that I admire – the biggest is my Dad, who at 70 is still my exemplar of how to be a man. Professionally, David Thouless and Nasim Taleb write impressive works that make me think. Politically, I admire Ron Donald and Elizabeth Warren for acting contrary to their interests, but for the good of their constituents. Lastly, in music, I’m a bit of an “Umphreak” - the band Umphrey’s McGee has been melting my face off with their tasty jams for over 20 years. 

Growing up smack in the middle of the Red Desert, I’ve come to gain a deep appreciation for the terminus between land and sea. I love walking along Aotearoa’s beaches – after seven years as an immigrant; I’m still in awe of how much of our Kiwi coastlines are for public use! Long Beach and Murawai are my favourites. I also have a love for languages and sci-fi. I’m working through Peter Hamilton’s works and trying to learn Russian and Mandarin. Lastly, I’m a retired semi-pro guitarist, so I pick up the ol’ gutbox now and then to keep my jazz chops honed!

My investing strategy

My biggest goal this next year is to gain my permanent residency, then my wife and I will earnestly begin house hunting. I’m still ineligible for Kiwisaver, so I thought it’d be prudent to start developing my retirement assets, which is why I’m using Hatch. The fee structures of Hatch are reasonable, and while I have other investment accounts, Hatch is definitely in my top 3 and gets checked daily. 

When it comes to investing, the primary purpose of my portfolio is retirement, so the long game motivates me. When I’m looking at what to invest in, I start with fundamentals. I love Simply Wall St. for this purpose, and also use several other online resources (like Zacks) for my research. Then, I inspect tickers over the past five years and monitor volatility. After about a month of monitoring, I try to tier-classify a stock and make 5-year projections. From this, I make a final purchase decision. I’m excited by an upcoming recession – I don’t view it as a time of loss, but rather, as a time of opportunity. 

My portfolio started with semiconductor manufacturing, playing both Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) and Intel (INTC). I watch this sector closely for any commercial developments in quantum computing. However, I don’t put all my eggs in one basket. I’ve diversified into emerging market ETFs, and I’m monitoring infrastructure ETFs (thanks Geoff!). Since reserve currencies are on the decline, I’ve been looking into Asian assets, especially Chinese ADRs. I also watch new financials, such as chain-based settlement and SDRs. 

Right now USA Technologies, Inc. (USAT) is my biggest winner witha 101% ROI. As for my biggest loser, well, weed, man, weed! I bought Aurora Cannabis Corp (ACB) which is a bit of a gamble. That said, I see it as profitable in the long term.

My investing tip

It’s pretty obvious I’m into researching before I buy, so that’s my biggest piece of advice for someone just starting out with Hatch. Do your damn homework! Research, research, research, and research some more because you ALWAYS have something more to learn.

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