Hatch Investor Profile: Julie seeks to optimise her life, her work, and her Hatch Portfolio.

Julie Rowe loves a macadamia nut milk latte and her wee daughter Pixel. She uses Hatch to reach her money goals, have some fun, and learn as she goes.

A bit about me

I’m a Director of Ghost Partners, which is a hybrid of agency and business consultancy across creative, digital, and tech. My partner James (who is a filmmaker) and I have an aptly named daughter, Pixel. When I’m not working, I’m hosting big dinner parties with my friends and their kids. I love travelling and going on adventures with my partner James and our amazing, almost 4-year-old.

I don’t have any investment gurus or celebrities that I admire in particular because I surround myself with people who are admirable in some way or another. The friends and business partners you’ll meet at my kitchen table are selfless, vulnerable, and willing to share their knowledge (and acknowledge their privilege). They’re just decent people. I also enjoy discovering new people to admire, like Dr Jen Gunter, who’s on a mission to provide better women's health info (and debunk all the medical snake oil that’s out there!). She’s pretty much the antidote to Gwyneth Paltrow and her Goop nonsense.

How I got into investing

As an entrepreneur, I have a goal of continued sustainable growth for my new-ish business by delivering strategies and projects that are useful and add value to peoples’ lives. I want to ensure that everyone who works with and for us can feel pride in the work that they do. A year or so ago, I had a bit of a break up with the career trajectory that I was on at the time. I’d lost meaning in my everyday work and didn’t feel I was able to add real value, which wasn’t ideal at the end of each day. My goals now are very related to doing something about it!

I see investing as a way of reaching some of my goals and getting better acquainted with financial risk, and the pay-offs that go with them. I’d tried to sign up to other share trading services in the past, but the process was tedious (I hate paper forms and having to go somewhere to sign something physically) so when Hatch showed up, I was game. The straightforward sign-up process suddenly made investing much more accessible.

My investment philosophy

As I’m relatively new to investing, I’m still figuring out my investment philosophy. Having studied science and maths at uni, I’d argue that I'm an analytical person. I naively I thought that I’d be able to get into day trading as a hobby. Well, I was wrong! I realised that outside of my business, I don’t have the time to commit to the research and analysis required, besides I’d rather spend this time with Pixel. With Hatch, I’m taking a longer-term view, while actively monitoring my current portfolio and my watchlist so I can be opportunistic at the same time.

Right now I’ve got Tesla (TSLA), Nvidia (NVDA), Walt Disney (DIS), Proshares Short S&P 500 (SH), and Levi Strauss (LEVI) (which was a random buy, I admit). I’m about to get into Baidu (BIDU), Tencent Music (TME), more Disney, and biotech of some kind. So far Nvidia has been my smartest buy, but it’s been wildly fluctuating lately and is only just on its way back up. Tesla also keeps me on the edge of my seat with its wild fluctuations!

Some tips for newbies like me

I believe in only investing what you can afford to lose until you understand what you’re doing. When starting, you might consider buying some fun or speculative investments in areas you’re personally interested, think of it as an investment in learning. When you get comfortable, it's important to learn about businesses before you invest in them; otherwise, it can be a bit like gambling. Over time, you'll decide what your strategy is and what your comfort levels with risk are. Also, it doesn't hurt to read a few entry-level books like The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham. He articulates some of the stuff that you intuitively start to sense when you're learning, but he provides some structure to it. My main advice to someone who wants to start investing is to start! 

What is Hatch?

With Hatch, you can buy and sell shares in over 2,900 companies & 500 exchange-traded funds, all listed on the US share markets. Invest dollar amounts to buy as much or as little of a company or ETF as you like, even if it’s a fraction of a share. See how it works

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