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What's Foreign Exchange got to do with investing? (Everything.)

4 minute read

FX, Forex, foreign exchange: call it what you want, as long you know what it means to you as an investor in overseas share markets. Foreign exchange is just like it says on the tin: the conversion or exchange of one currency into another currency.

25 Sep 2018

Hatch: Investing in the US share markets has never been this simple.

3 minute read

When we decided to call Kiwi Wealth’s investing platform Hatch, we went to its original definition. A hatch is an opening that allows access. What a perfect fit: at Hatch, we provide Kiwis with better, faster, and more affordable access to world-class investments. We’ve started by giving investors access over 3,000 US-listed shares, essentially putting the world at their fingertips.

24 Sep 2018